About us

TonStars, we are a team of four blockchain technology enthusiasts united by a common passion for cryptocurrencies and the TON Network. Our diverse experiences in finance, technology, and marketing have culminated in a unique vision. We aim to create not just a community, but a space where every user can develop their interests and skills. We want the Elite Club of TonStars to be a place where like-minded enthusiasts can meet, share experiences, and grow together towards a technological future. Our mission is to provide a place that not only connects but also enables our members to use advanced tools that support both work and entertainment in the world of cryptocurrencies. This allows each of us to better understand and leverage the potential of modern financial technologies. Join us to shape the future of the TonStars Ecosystem together!



Start with 50 $STARS in Roulette and Jackpot. With our affiliate program, you also earn 5% of every jackpot won by people who join the game through your referral link! Build your passive income with TON VEGAS!


Is a tool that utilizes Telegram channels as a marketing platform. With it, we can not only purchase ads on shared channels but also earn by sharing ads. With Ton Ads, you can be assured that your ad will be published, as all payments are processed within our platform.


Is an automated system that provides purchase notifications. It allows customization of notification content according to individual user preferences.


Is our virtual Walk of Fame, inspired by the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood. It's a special place on our website where we celebrate the achievements and contributions of outstanding individuals associated with our community. Each star on TONWOOD is a tribute to their unforgettable contributions.


Is an exclusive space for users of the TON network, where you can meet people with similar interests and always feel comfortable. It's not just a space for making valuable connections, but also an opportunity to participate in the profits generated by our products in the future. We invite you to join and discover the unique benefits offered by the Elite Club.

NFT Collections

Two NFT collections with whitelist for minting. The first collection is designated for holders of the $STARS token. The whitelist will be granted based on the number of tokens held. The second NFT collection is for our early investors who did not sell their $STARS in the first month after listing on ston.fi and the most deserving members of the club

  • Fairlaunch: 36%
  • DEXs listing: 16,524%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Ecosystem: 10%
  • Development: 7.476%
  • Team: 5%
  • Airdrop: 5%
  • Advisors: 5%


Is the official token of the Elite Ton Stars Club. It will have many utilities throughout our ecosystem. Currently, $STARS is being used in Ton Vegas.

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Stage 1

Ton Stars Launch

🔵 Phase 1 marketing

🔵 Creation of the first TonVegas application

🔵 FairLaunch on TonRaffles

🔵 Announcement of the Zealy campaign for $STARS airdrop

🔵 Announcement of the development of the BuyBot on the Ton Network

🔵 Announcement of the upcoming TonStars NFT collection

🔵Acquisition of media partners and advisors

🔵Listing on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Ave.ai, Moontock, and other platforms

Stage 2

Ecosystem Expansion

🔵 Phase 2 marketing

🔵 Airdrop for the Top 100 launchpad participations

🔵 Development of the TonStars ecosystem

🔵 Building a strong international community of the TonStars elite club in Europe, Asia, and Africa

🔵 Official premiere of the BuyBot

🔵 Casino development and addition of additional games

🔵Start of building TonStars Ad - a promotional portal operating on Telegram built on the TON Network

🔵Showcase of samples from our upcoming NFT collection

🔵 Establishing further collaborations and introducing tokens of our partners into the TonStars ecosystem

🔵 Creation of TonWood - our alley of stars on the TON Network

Stage 3

Community Development

🔵 Phase 3 marketing

🔵 Release of our collection

🔵 Development of the TonStars club and presentation of the benefits of being its member

🔵 Airdrop for the Zealy campaign

🔵 Development of the TonStars AD advertising platform and our products: TonVegas, StarsBuyBot, and other applications that will emerge

🔵 Introduction of a voting system for club members, enabling them to decide on the direction of the TonStars ecosystem's development

🔵Announcement of the second NFT collection for early investors and individuals who supported us from the beginning and did not sell their tokens in the first month after launch. Additionally, this collection will be received by the most deserving members of the TonStars Elite Club

🔵Premiere of our new tools

🔵Continuation of development at the elite club, development of TonWood

Stage 4

Continued Growth

🔵 Phase 4 marketing

🔵 Development of the TonStars ecosystem and our products, creation of new tools

🔵 Announcement of all the utilities of being a member of the elite TonStars club

🔵 Expanded TonStars AD platform

🔵 Development of TonVegas and release of new games

🔵 Announcement of the upcoming TonStars NFT collection

🔵The largest airdrop in TonStars history for TonStars club members

Q1 2025


EVM support for parachains SubQuery Academy Proof of indexing

Q2 2025

App Beta Test

Public testnet launch
SubQuery Network Explorer and dApp
Point-in-time indexing



TON 💎 Ton Blockchain || Amb Ton Raffles || Web3 || Ton NG - Ton Nigeria || toncelestials || TON KOL/ Crypto Marketer || Tonnomads

Jana 🇧🇷

Giving Insights About Web3 | NFT.NYC Speaker | Official Content Creator Ton Blockchain | Ambassador JoinEveryWorld IconxWorld | Team SaviorsWeb3


Marketing Strategist➜ Building zhee_shills ➜ TON Maxi ➜ SpaceHost ➜ Amb Dmailofficial GameSwift_io ➜ CC HaloDotSocial ➜ femalecobbler WID


JUST•BEING•ME ! Team MysticEsportsOP • CM Ton_WifHat • KOL MyWebacy • Amb for Reputable Projects • AI & TON Maxi • Building Grinders_DAO • Grinder

Frequently Asked Questions

Ton Stars is a project where we will establish an Elite Club, whose members will share in the profits generated from the revenue of our tools, games, and applications that we create.

Here are the translated instructions:

Download the Tonkeeper wallet here: https://tonkeeper.com/

Or use the Chrome browser extension:


You can also create a wallet on your Telegram account by typing @wallet in the search bar, clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and using the Telegram Bot. Remember to click the 3 dots -> settings -> and select TON SPACE (this is your wallet that supports the DEX ston.fi, where you can buy $STARS).

Bridge TON using https://fixedfloat.com/ Or buy $TON on an exchange and send it to your wallet. $TON is available on Bybit, MEXC, KuCoin, OKX, among others. Use the button on the page that will take you to the DEX ston.fi page where you can buy $STARS. $STARS is also available for trading on AVE.ai.

Ton Stars creates a space for the TON community by developing tools, games, and applications that enhance the experience of TON and Telegram users

Early holders of $STARS will receive numerous privileges in the future. They will be entitled to whitelist spots for our NFT collections, which will serve as gateways to higher levels in the Elite Ton Stars Club.

The benefits of being in the Elite TonStars Club include sharing in the profits from the revenue of our TonStars Ecosystem. Members will be entitled to discounts on our products and advertising. In the future, club members will have the opportunity to vote on the direction our club should take and decide on the tools, games, and applications they would like us to develop. Airdrops and benefits for our community from partnerships.

Ton Stars is committed to a fair and transparent gaming experience, ensuring that every player has an equal chance to win. This commitment to fairness is integral to the gaming experience on the Ton Vegas platform


At Ton Stars, we aim to transform the world of cryptocurrencies by creating an Elite Club that unites enthusiasts and supporters of the TON Network on new, unexplored levels. Our vision extends beyond the traditional approach to cryptocurrency communities, offering our members not only a platform but a true, comprehensive tool that enables not only effective work and entertainment but also full functioning within the digital ecosystem. Through our innovative advertising platform, combined with advanced tools, we aim to facilitate our users in achieving their goals, both professional and personal. We want every cryptocurrency enthusiast, regardless of their experience, to fully utilize the opportunities offered by the growing TON Network and integration with Telegram. Ton Stars is not just a community; it's a movement driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to creating a space where everyone can become a leader and innovator. Together, we shape the future of digital finance, promoting openness, collaboration, and mutual support among our members.