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About us

TonStars is more than just a visionary project; we aim to empower early users and enthusiasts within the TON network. Our goal is to provide exclusive opportunities for individuals who can become leaders and innovators in the TON ecosystem. At TonStars, we understand the importance of fostering a sense of exclusivity and privileges for our early stars.
Through our elite management program, we offer unique benefits and privileges akin to a VIP experience, ensuring that our community members receive the recognition and rewards they deserve for their contributions. One of the key features of TonStars is our exclusive gaming platform, TonVegas. TonVegas offers a variety of exciting mini-games, including roulette and jackpot, providing an entertaining space for our community members to compete for valuable prizes.
The TonStars team is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent gaming experience, where every player has an equal chance to win. In our Avenue of Stars, we pay homage to those who have made significant contributions to the TON ecosystem, whether through technological innovations, community building, or fostering positive change. Here, true stars shine bright, their names immortalized for their lasting impact on the TON community. We are proud of our commitment to creating a vibrant and inclusive community within the TON network. Through our innovations that are already in place and those to come…


Our vision is to create a decentralized empire within the TON network, where transparency and accountability are core values. We strive to provide equal opportunities for every citizen to thrive, regardless of their background or status. Through strategic alliances, innovative protocols, and a steadfast commitment to our principles, TonStars aims to build a vibrant and resilient community that sets the standard for collaboration and inclusivity within the TON network.
In addition to our mission of empowerment and inclusivity, TonStars will also provide exclusive benefits and opportunities for early stars within the TON ecosystem. Through our elite management program and VIP experience, early adopters will enjoy special privileges and access to unique features, including a space for engaging mini-games and competitions with valuable prizes.
With unwavering determination and boundless creativity, TonStars leads by example, inspiring others to embrace our vision and become active participants in shaping the future of the TON network. Together, we will create a world where prosperity is shared by all, and the possibilities are limitless.



The founder of Ton Stars, the person responsible for the idea and creation of the project.


The heart of our project, responsible for collaboration and marketing.


The soul of our project, responsible for creating and operating our products.


The star of the team responsible for building and moderating our community.





Your profile can be here! Just write to us and become a TON WOOD elite star!


Your profile can be here! Just write to us and become a TON WOOD elite star!


Your profile can be here! Just write to us and become a TON WOOD elite star!


Your profile can be here! Just write to us and become a TON WOOD elite star!

Chapter One

Success can be found on every corner in Tonwood, but it’s hardest to maintain.Thus, while initial success may come relatively easily, sustaining it over the long term demands consistent dedication, strategic planning, and continuous improvement.

Our Whitepaper​ and Tocenomics​

You can find more detailed information as well as the tokenomics in our whitepaper. It will soon be supplemented with a roadmap and a few additional categories, so we invite you to read it: copyright 2024